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Since its establishment on December 19, 1988, the company has been developing the same technology in the same industry as the production of external parts and various brand badges. At the Bucheon Headquarters, we have a global network system production system, with the main R&D strengthening and global sales network to ensure. In addition, the company is constantly investing in the future including metal alloy development, process technology innovation and customer service.

Business UnitContent
CU E/F INSERTElectroforming insert injection molding, electroforming single-type insert injection molding, injection molding ASS'Y
NI, CU E/FWINDOW DUMMY, DECO and other mobile phone external parts production
WINDOWVacuum deposition (NI, MULTI, ALCOATING) LCD WINDOW AM LCD Division, film
NAME PLATE(锻造)Production of various brand badges for household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, etc.